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Focal Therapy: Treating only part of the Prostate
Conceptual Basis for Focal Therapy
Focal Therapy Review Article
Using HIFU to treat the cancerous half of the prostate: UK hemi HIFU ablation trial
Using Focal HIFU to treat the Index Lesion ( just the tumor). Trial from the UK
Using HIFU to treat only the cancerous areas: Focal HIFU Treatment Trial published in The Lancet
MRI guided Focal Laser Ablation review

Radiation Therapy
Comparison of radiation treatments
Matched pair comparison: HIFU vs External Beam Radiation ( EBRT)
Does Radiation cause other cancers?
When Radiation Therapy Fails….

Surgery Outcomes (Recurrences and Side Effects)
Recurrence and Positive Margin Rates After Surgery
Long Term Functional Outcomes after Surgery of Radiation Therapy