“My wife and I met with Dr. Gapin again in December, 2016 regarding the results of the biopsy and potential treatments. He informed us that the MRI assisted biopsy confirmed that I had cancer in 3 zones in the right side of my prostate. Dr. Gapin explained all available options and related them to my age and physical condition. He requested my permission to send the biopsied tissue for a second opinion and also for genetic testing. We agreed.

We met with Dr. Gapin in early January, 2017 to discuss the results of the genetic testing which indicated that my cancer was the less aggressive type and the results of the second lab opinion which indicated that the cancer was stronger in one area than was found in the original lab test. Dr. Gapin stated that the results still pointed to the right side of my prostate and that was where the focus of the treatment needed to be.

After discussion with my wife and immediate family and considerable research, I chose the Focal Therapy with HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) as the appropriate treatment for me. This was because HIFU had fewer side affects and resulted in a better qualify of life than the other options. (The down side was that this treatment is currently not covered by Medicare and therefore, not covered by our secondary insurance so we had to fund it ourselves.)

I had the Focal Therapy with HIFU treatment on January 20, 2017. I experienced no adverse affects from the treatment. We met with Dr. Gapin in early March, 2017 for a post-op consultation. All is good and I need to have a PSA check in a month or two and repeat a prostate MRI in November. We will then meet with Dr. Gapin for a review of the new tests to see if another biopsy is needed.

I am providing this information in a manner that demonstrates the cycle my wife and I went through. I am happy to say that Dr. Gapin was always professional and considerate of our feelings while at the same time being to the point (which we appreciated). He spent the necessary time with us to address our concerns and answer our questions (as you can imagine, we had several). He also gave us his phone number so we could text him with any questions or concerns (we have never had a doctor do that). We can’t say enough good about Dr. Gapin. In short, he treated us with a professionalism that gave us confidence and a good feeling about my future.”

–Don I.

“I was amazed that I could go home without any pain and was up the next day walking on a treadmill. I went back to work after a few days and within a week was doing most of my regularly scheduled activities. My energy level was never effected and my spouse and friends were surprised how quickly I rebounded.

I am doing awesome. I am back in the gym leading Spinning classes and working out. My massage clients are happy with being able to get therapy. My three month follow up appointment was wonderful and my PSA test results were 1.2 (which was 6.4 before HIFU) Dr. Gapin is a source of knowledge, skill, encouragement and professionalism. I tell everyone about the great care I received from him and his staff.”

–Walt P.

“I was referred to Dr. Tracy Gapin by my regular Doctor and I cannot say enough about Dr. Gapin and his introducing me to the HIFU procedure. In my humble opinion is that there are no other procedures that can compare for the eradication of the cancer of the Prostate Gland. I am 57 yrs old, how hard that concrete block hit my chest. For literally a few minutes, I was thinking “end of life” as I knew it.

Dr. Gapin was fantastic in mannerisms…seeing my distress, he quickly showed me a chart of my options in this new life changing event for me. A week after my first visit with Dr. Gapin, I spent 3 hours on the table for HIFU treatment. That night I went to dinner a local restaurant. My family and friends are still amazed at what I went through and my ability to recover. Dr. Gapin permitted me to make this decision very easily once I did my research.

Since I am single, never married, I still feel I have a life, HIFU was the only way to go, recovery was immediate. As I write this letter, this is my 10th day after surgery and I am literally 100%, no side effects, and ready to continue this life journey.”

–S. Lewis

“When you are constantly aware of health and fitness you never expect to hear your physician to speak those words, “You have cancer”. Well it happened! Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in men, with over 233,000 cases diagnosed each year in the U.S. Not all prostate cancers are alike. Some are highly aggressive and require appropriate treatment. Other have a low risk of spreading and can be managed conservatively.

My diagnosis could be managed conservatively. Herein was my dilemma. There are basically six options for treating prostate cancer. Most of the options would have possible negative effects on my life.

Being a certified group fitness and spinning instructor and also a Licensed Massage Therapist, my livelihood depends on staying fit and active. My Oncologist also helped me rule out certain options. After researching all the options it was obvious that the best option for me was HIFU.

Dr. Tracy Gapin and his staff were a “Heaven Sent” team. Dr. Gapin presented the HIFU procedure in a clear manner and answer all my concerns. My oncologist gave it a thumbs ups and with confidence I scheduled the procedure.

It was Thursday November 17th I underwent the High Intensity Focused Ultrasound procedure. It took less than three hours as an out-patient with Dr. Gapin and his staff providing the best care.”